Green School

The Doves Nest has been serving 

children and their families for over 35 

years. We realize how important it is to

 provide a place for children to learn 

respect for the environment and the 

earth, respect for themselves, and 

respect for others. In the fall of 2013 we

committed ourselves to having a green 

school. This will provide a safer and 

healthier environment for children, 

teach them about the environment, and

engage them in activities which 

promotes health and well-being. Being 

green takes more thought and 

consciousness and a little more effort. 

We asked that the parents support the 

green curriculum and make it a part of 

the child's life both in and out of school.

Everyone can benefit from this new 


 Water bottles--- to reduce trash and to encourage the children to drink more water we provide each child with a water bottle. Please make sure your child has either the one we provide or another water bottles when they come to the doves nest each day. Our bottles are BPA free and we asked that if you choose to use other water bottles that they are also BPA free. We provide the children with spring water and encourage children to drink throughout the day. Please make sure your child's water bottle is labeled with their name and make sure that it is cleaned often. You may purchase extra Dove’s Nest water bottles from the office for $2.

Shoeless areas--- in our toddler classroom there are no outside shoes or boots. In the classroom children may wear socks, slippers, war inside shoes.  No bare feet are allowed (Board of Health). 

Recycle… We recycle all paper, plastic, metal, and cardboard. You are encouraged to talk to your children about recycling and recycle whenever possible.

Cleaning products… The Dove’s Nest uses natural cleaning products and only  the chemical products that are required by law for day care sanitation.

 Swap shop… We offer a space with useful items donated by the parents and staff. It is free for the taking. Please check the swap shop often.

 Smoking… There is no smoking on the doves nest property. This includes the parking lot. Please put out your cigarettes before leaving your car. This will eliminate cigarette butts that the children could pick up when entering or leaving the building.

 Car Idling… Please do not leave your car idling in the parking lot. The fumes are easily brought into the building through the fresh air vents and exposes children to toxic fumes. For the safety of all please shut off your car when coming into the building.

Non-toxic supplies… The Dove’s Nest makes a conscious effort to use art supplies that are non-toxic.  You can check out materials for your own use at. We also recycle and use cast off materials for many of art projects. If you have materials that our good for art and craft projects please consider donating them to the Dove’s Nest.