Traditions and Celebrations

Traditions and celebrations help give 

special memories and meaning to life. 

Some things are have a big impact and

some not very much, but they all are 

fun. We have had some of the same 

traditions and celebrations for 35 years.

The local businesses call to see when 

our Halloween parade will take place. 

We have a holiday sing-along at 

Christmas time and a Thanksgiving 

feast at Thanksgiving. Traditions and 

celebrations give richness to life. We 

have had 35 years of graduations, St. 

Patrick's Day parties, Valentine 

celebrations, birthday parties, making 

mother’s day cards and father’s day 

cards; we celebrate Spring, Hanukkah, 

and the Stanley Cup. Each class 

develops their own little traditions and 

decide how they will celebrate special 

events and everyday occurrences. We 

at the Dove’s Nest love traditions and 

celebration. We encourage families to 

create their own traditions and join us 

when we celebrate ours.